• The Boy With Shoes | Upcoming Release

    The Boy With Shoes | Upcoming Release

    Hillary Ambani Lisimba is our newest writer in the oven, with a story that only those born before the YOLO millennials will understand, a story that YOLO kids will cringe at, and human rights activists would want to drag the parents to court. Read more…

  • 2018 African Writers Conference

    2018 African Writers Conference

    We are pleased to support this year’s African Writers Conference, an event conceptualized by the African Writers Development Trust aimed at bringing together writers of African descent to a common platform, build bridges for networking, provide opportunities for writers to promote themselves and their work, and sustain a conversation on advancing the collective interests of African writers. This Conference is supported by UNESCO, Writers Guild Kenya, the Association of Nigerian Authors (Abuja Chapter), Poetica Magazine, among others. The theme of the 2018 AWC is: Re-imagining African Literature: New Voices, New Narratives in the Fight for the Girl Child. Read more…

  • New Book Release | Breaking the Glass Ceiling by Kerich Jonah

    New Book Release | Breaking the Glass Ceiling by Kerich Jonah

    So You Thought There’s No Such Thing as Educational Success Any More … Our Newest Writer, Kerich Jonah, debunks the misconception in his book, Breaking the Glass Ceiling Mystery Publishers has made its mark in self-publishing in Kenya, so a book on guiding students on educational success in the Kenyan education system means taking a whole new approach to studying. In Breaking the Glass Ceiling, Kerich Jonah gives invaluable tips to students and anyone who is a student of life tips on how to succeed. Read more…

  • Trauma faced by learners with eye defects

    Trauma faced by learners with eye defects

    What you think is learning disability or laxity in your child’s academic progress could be an eye disorder. Due to their age, children are expected to have good eye sight for the entire childhood and early teenage. Eye defects can be treated if diagnosed at an early stage since they are caused by bacterial infections. Vision loss is what most learners are exposed to without proper treatment for a long period or failure to receive treatment at all. Read more…

  • The Choice Available on Mystery eBook Store

    The Choice Available on Mystery eBook Store

    Our recently published book, The Choice by Kigundu Ndwiga, is now available on our eBook store. Click Here to purchase the book (PDF) or any other format. Book Overview Are you on a spiritual journey to heaven? Are you battling love for money, self-centredness, unfaithfulness, idolatry and increased appetite for worldly pleasures? Worry no more. Pastor Kigundu Ndwiga, PhD, is offering a 44-day spiritual guide to enable you conquer the challenges. Read more…

  • The Tenth Annual “Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale” July 1 – July 31

    The Tenth Annual “Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale” July 1 – July 31

    One of our publishing platforms, Smashwords, is celebrating their ten year anniversary. Smashwords believes that you deserve to control how your books are priced, marketed, and sold. That’s the future of publishing that we encourage our writer to take. In view of the aforesaid, Smashwords is promoting writers’ works through the exclusive Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale. This is the biggest sale of the year. For a full month, thousands of Smashwords authors and publishers will offer readers exclusive deep discounts on tens of thousands of ebooks. Discount levels are 25%-off, 50%-off, 75%-off and 100%-off (FREE). Read more…