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Money, Music, and Monarchy

Published Date: March 4, 2016

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MONEY, MUSIC AND MONARCHY explores three human desires: Wealth, Fame and Power. Fulfillment of one of the desires leads to the craving of another. When we crave for wealth and get it, fame becomes an obsession, and ultimately power.

Wealth, Fame, and Power are legitimate cravings, just how to fulfill the individual desires legitimately to uplift the society is what matters. The writer explores the meaning of money, the process of acquiring wealth legitimately, how to allocate wealth for the betterment of the society and how to promote sustainability in wealth endowment.

Author Information

Joseph Onyango Okewa is a writer, teacher, and music composer. He is the head of the guidance and counseling department at Kapcheplanga Secondary School. He is also the proprietor of Echoes of Life Education whose focus is on ICT infusion, Life Victory and Financial Education. He focuses on writing on life matters, education, business, and patriotism.
He lives and works in Londiani, Nakuru, Kenya.


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