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Stubborn Determination

Published Date: December 4, 2017

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Born different, in a poor village, to an emotionally unavailable father, Mokaya Omweri defies all odds to excel, right from primary school all the way to university. Determined to address the challenges that afflicted most of his early life immediately after he graduates from high school, he sets out to mobilizing people and funds through youth groups, cooperative societies, and employment to fight and eradicate poverty. However, this presents another face of his struggle. Some of his initiatives collapse before taking off, and challenges like family demands and work crop up. As he turns thirty, he still remains resilient …

Author Information

Mokaya Omweri was born in Keera village, located on the slopes of Manga Escarpment, a cultural landmark of the Abagusii people of Kisii County, Kenya. He attended Cardinal Otunga High School-Mosocho before joining Moi University from where he graduated with a degree in Finance and Banking. He has a rich experience in rural and youth development having worked with Youth Enterprise Development Fund-Kenya and One Acre Fund.

Currently, he is working towards establishing Digito Home, a social enterprise that aims at modernizing rural households.


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