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Twisted Times: Son of Man

Published Date: March 24, 2019

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The dead can’t rest in peace. The living are in danger. And one man’s run has begun.


When Kennedy Paul Maina runs away from home, robbing the dead and crime becomes his life at the university where to survive he has to do what he must … and façade is a beautiful thing.

He runs from the police as a criminal, runs from assassins, and ultimately runs from himself. Worse, the vengeance-ridden leader of the criminal gang he left is after him—he wants to make Ken’s life a living hell.

Author Information

Vincent de Paul is a novelist, poet, and writer. He is also a freelance writer, published on several dailies in Kenya, and his poetry has been published in two anthologies in East and West Africa.

He has a diploma in Creative Writing from the Writers Bureau, UK.


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